Business Opportunity

Approved business in the world

You can start your own business!

This is the business for anyone (housewife, student, business owner, employee etc) can start with little capital. Also, it is a great item to find new customers or extra income at current business.

Have your free time!

DIY by coin/bill operating system makes you away from the machine. Only you need to visit for collecting income or refilling detergents.

Try 24/7 full day operating machine and save your time.

It can be everywhere!

DIY self-serve dog washes are being installed at car washes, vet clinics, gas stations, pet stores, convenience stores, laundromats, apartments, pet shops etc with high returns for this business owners.

Why M&J Dog wash?

People go to spa and taking car to self car wash stations. We think these type of behaviors are devoting affection. Based on these reasons, dog lovers will be even more happy to free from messy job of washing their dog out of their own bathroom and laundries. 

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